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"When I met Don, Melissa, and all the teachers, especially Nikki, I felt really good and welcomed.  IEVP worked very hard for all the students like us.  They gave me the tools I needed so I could understand and have a conversation with other people.  IN my ELL class, I learned a lot about the language, states, animals, plants, and the history of the United States or America.  After I completed my ELL classes, I was more secure in having a long conversation, because I understood more of the English Language.   

Thanks to all the help from IEVP, I started my HiSET classes (High School Equivalency).  The first time I took the test, I passed and obtained my High School Diploma.  I started studying to take my Driver's test, and I passed that test also.  The opportunity arose to take my CDL Class B with P and S endorsements and once again, I studied the CDL book and passed my test.  I took ALL of these tests in English!!! Now I have applied to work for MTA Nashville Metro Bus. 

IEVP's ELL classes were extremely helpful in me achieving my goals and educating me in the English language.  This program works for all students in all nationalities.  It being free is very helpful to us who could not afford to pay to go elsewhere.  Thank you so much for everything!"

~Jose Saucedo

IEVP will always have a special place in my heart.  It was there that I first learned how to communicate with the American people; It has positively shaped and affected me more than any other educational experience.  I believe that the experience that IEVP offers is irreplaceable and crucial during the transition from being a stranger to being a USA resident.  I hope that every newcomer could have this opportunity. 

~Kinan Al Rifai

"My name is Jeremiah, and I am from Egypt.  IEVP is helping me to reach my goals by assisting with my communication skills. One of the useful things I've learned in class is correct pronunciation and confidence to speak in public settings. I love coming to class and getting to use what I learn outside of the classroom." 

"I learned a lot in my classes.  I learned words, reading and writing, things that I can use every day.  I still remember what I learned in my very first class. We have teacher support at all time. Pronunciation is difficult, but I'm getting better at it."

"My name is Roberto and since I started taking English classes, my life started changing. Now I can speak with my children and their teachers.  I can help them do their homework.  I can talk with my boss now and they see me getting better and better.  I give thanks to God for my lovely teacher and all the rest of the people who help make my dreams come true."

"My name is Sibel, and I am from Turkey.  I have lived in Nashville for two years. When I came here, I didn't know much English. Because my daughter needed me, I started learning more English. I went to three different English classes and now I speak, read and write English much better.  I thought English was very hard and confusing for me.  I was mixing a lot of things up; tenses and grammar. IEVP has helped me very much and is progressive.  My teacher is very polite and the best teacher.  I have learned more information about U.S. States and History and grammar. Thank you again and again for everything!"

"My name is Antonio Molina Morales and these classes help me a lot. It teaches me how to write the language and how to do the pronunciation.  Personally I am learning more every time.  I'm so excited to come here and now I can have a conversation with someone in English. Thanks for making the program and for helping people to learn."

"The English Language is basic language in the world.  When I don't speak English, and I live in United States, I can't go to college and find good work.  Now I come to IEVP program to study and I found this program very useful for me.  The teachers very nice and patient."

                                                                         ~IEVP student in Antioch, TN~

"This English class helped me for so many things.  Help me for communicate to the people. Help me in my work. Help me to understand my daughter because her English is more fluent than her Spanish. Help me when I go buy food. English is the first thing you need to know to live in U.S.A."

                                                                 ~IEVP Student, Maria

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